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“Instead of teaching meditation, I guide you on how to meditate through a variety of energetic experiences. This is how I became a true lover of these ancient rituals of peace, love, and freedom.” ~ Deborah




“What You Focus On You Feed – What You Feed Lives Inside Of You.”

What is Meditation?

Meditation is not just about observing and calming your mind it is an inner journey of self-love in resonance with your soul.

What is Visualization?

Imagine a doorway that transports you into another world through your mind and senses – this is the power of visualization.



The Visual Vortex Meditation Master Class

Discover the world of meditation with Deborah Berry

Welcome to my world where I escape the chaos, free my mind, and venture into the beauty of who I am. It is here I connect my mind to my soul and tune into the frequencies of love and light. Meditation is “an individual journey,” and the purpose is to tune into your body, mind, heart, soul, and spiritual self. This is where you can disconnect from anything that does not serve you and chime into a higher energy that links your body to your soul and your soul to your highest consciousness. 


Raise Your Vibration

To understand the art of meditation is to put it into practice. By focusing your mind on your inner world, regularly you can raise your energy fields, which can support a more peaceful and joyous life. One idea behind mediation is to listen, observe, and calm yourself into a peaceful state. The second benefit of meditation is looking deep into who you are. There is a whole inner world ready to be explored.

At first, it may seem challenging to be still long enough to gain the benefits. Eventually, you can elevate your abilities and spiritual awareness. Expanding your awareness helps you to trust your inner voice and intuition. Like many creative and spiritual exercises, you cannot truly understand how they work for you until you take the time to fully immerse yourself in the magic.

I have been meditating since I was seventeen, 45 years exploring the energy zones in my body. I didn’t learn how to meditate as a practice. Meditation found its way into my life through a synchronistic connection. At 7, I remember chiming into the energy fields of whales and dolphins. This may seem woo woo, or out there but it is not unusual for children to use their imagination to connect outside of their sensory fields. I look forward to sharing each experience on my journey that led me into the depths of my mind and the power of my heart and transcend suffering to master my inner world.


The Visual Vortex Meditation Master Class Coming in late spring.
The Visual Vortex Meditation Master Class


                      Course Coming Spring 2024