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“Poetry is my eye in the sky, my sea of hearts, and my mind’s map to the wonder of forever.”





Deborah was born in Brighton, Sussex England in 1962 and was raised in Australia.

“I have been a poet for 50 years. My first poem was about a black horse called Bess. My inspiration was born from the loyalty between Dick Turpin and his beautiful mare depicted in a fictional based movie. Turpin was born in Essex in 1705, an English highwayman and horse thief. I may have been a young girl when I started writing sonnets, but it was during these precious moments I spent with myself, that I discovered the essence and the true nature of my heart. It was around the same time I fell in love with horses and began riding in the Australian bushland. The collection presented below is a small group of poems and inspired quotes written over the past twenty years.”

Enjoy! Love, light, and peace, Deborah


“Happiness comes and happiness goes but trust it exists in the smallest of gifts, delicate, precious, and sometimes hard to find but always present in the sunshine of your heart”

Woman Warrior of the Light Narrated by Deborah

Happiness Quotes and Inspiration

End the Struggle of Judgment Narrated by Deborah


Inspired Moments

The Now


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Growing Wise

I can’t help but cry

To watch the old and wise

Coming together

Waiting their turn

Saying good-byes

I am not far behind

I am only steps away…


I am growing in numbers

Limited time to play

It was not all that long ago

Moments I suspect

When I looked forward

Miles and miles of road ahead

But it is not the end I mourn

That too has a new dawn

It is the journey I’ve tread…


It was full of surprises

Glorious and notorious

Hope of great things

to spread my wings

So many flights ended

On the ground

Lost and lonely I found

Nothing was what YOU expect…


Disappointed at times

Broken, only to find

I am that I am

Flesh and bone…


Emotions they moan

Beauty is thrown

Propels me to happiness

My heart is not stone…


The light shines in the darkness

In the hollow veins of my pain

I rise where my mind meets my soul

To dance in the rain…


Today is eternal

No beginning or end

She knows no limits

To fight or pretend…

Time has no threat…


I am that I am

The light in the light

A golden thread

Joined to me

Connected to you

We are the dance

The roots of the tree

The leaves

The flowers

The sound

And the night

Infinite journeys

Beyond our sight.


Deborah Berry March 6th 2022


Courage to Face Fear 

Courage is an illusion of the outer soul

Searching for answers trying to be whole,

Empty is the fragment that lingers in time

Wasted by vision, Victory is fine…


But only the traveler who risks his impatient heart?

Can bask in the sun’s glory by making a start,

One step at a time, is lost just a sign?

For courage is the illusion of strength and delusion

Courage the victory in facing all fears

Just a simple step, Just walk through the tears,

Glide in the footsteps, Stamp on the mock

Grow in the truth as birds we can flock…


Honor prevails, Glory it stands,

No one can fail these truths & demands

For working together hand in hand

Sowing these seeds on our precious land

Is our salvation the gifts and rewards?

Compassion and love are the center of all …


2010 Las Vegas


Brave to the Core


The owl that glides in full pursuit

Imagining a mirage in the desert storm

From the inside out my eagle flies,

Transcending all limits and physical form

For I am brave within my mind,

Daring and fearless I am not

I tread with caution God my rock,

A whispered sanction to move ahead

Every step with love’s consent…


The moon glows in the deepest dark

The sun’s grueling heat imprints the mark 

Wounds and scares stitch my robe

Cloaked around my humble abode 

A promise is granted, seas they part…


I forge willing in the lark of the game

Like never before and never the same

I travel in faith with no one to blame

No matter the journey or what’s in store

For I am brave within my heart, 

Another journey another stage

The book she closes the final page

Scribbles the outline for a new adventure

Planting seeds, discover more

Challenges build my very core

For I am brave from beginning to end

Trusting the passage and willing to bend…


I might have imaged my trials to be less

The lessons of life extracted my best 

Initiations squeezed my soul

The beauty remains in the gift of my role…my calling

To carve my essence and build me whole…


Grace lifted my wings extending the flight 

Brought me safe at the turn of each plight 

Overhead I soar in awe 

For I am Brave to my very Core…


Deborah Berry © Written 10/21/2017



Brave Butterfly Warrior of the Light

I have traveled far and seen much,

I’ve witnessed endless suffering,

Beauty buried hidden in pain,

Survivors struggling to sustain…


I look in the mirror to realize,

My smile is a mask…

My beauty is shadowed by darkness,

My courage is waning,

Constantly challenged,

Am I fading into illusion…


Facade has me hiding,

My smile is fake,

My life is a lie,

I am isolated, insane with pain,

I can’t run and hide,

Not anymore,

I must explore…


I must set myself Free

It is up to me…

No more secrets,

I must express the true nature of my beauty,

My story, every word, and glory,

My creativity and gifts,

I am brave, and I am beautiful,

I am brave and I am invincible…


Defying the cage, I hold myself in

breaking the cycle,

No more undercover pretending…


My pain has a purpose,

My Scars become my tiger’s cloak,

I earned my stripes

Chains evoked…


In a world drowning in chaos and fear

We may have been lost souls seeking

Ugly will not reign

Nor should we remain undercover, alone…


I am not alone,

Isolated sometimes… this is truth

But Solitude is a different tune,

It sparks the music of my soul

To reach my potential and spiritual goals…


I am brave, and I am beautiful

I stand in courage; I live in peace,

I claim my power through a higher vision

Brave, Balanced, Beautiful, Wise and Resilient

I am invincible,

I am the master of my universe

Basking in the light.


Poetry in Motion – 12th Oct, 2021

By Deborah Berry


Voice of Victory 

I am the Voice of Victory

Can you hear me?

I am your voice of reason 

Do you know me?

For I am the voice of all seasons

Can you feel to me?

I am the voice of your dreams

Do you see me?

I am the voice of Honesty

Does truth resonate within me? 

I am the voice of inner peace

I simply love me….


Simple is the Victory

For the light of Grace has freed me, 

Freed my mind and

Embraced my heart…

Kindness is the Victory

When I am lost

Compassion is my focus, 

My gift, my inner spark…

Courage is the Victory

For the power of my intention

Has given me strength

To walk in any dark…


Wisdom is the Victory

For I know the way,

The truth and purpose

To walk my talk

In what I do and what I say

And be the change I wish 

The Change I wish to today.


Deborah Berry  © 2015


End The War On Humanity


Freedom is yours said the cry of the pack,

Freedom is mine said the wolf looking back,

My howl is of victory a divine freedom within,

Nothing can hold me down not the dark or the dim …


I am that I am bright in the light,

For truth is the doorway and the entrance of insight,

Embrace my conscience awaken the fight,

Resist not the struggle I glide in the flight …


Lick my wounds and follow me home,

I am empowered dear spirit, trails I roam,

The stories I’ve lived from winter to spring,

Summer the beacon our words guide the win,

Victory she cried into the call of the wild,

Echoed her dreams from the heart of a child …


All that I said and all that I’ve done,

Is mine to uphold or let go but not run,

Still, I must stand, centered in truth,

Authentic and real complete from youth,

Questions and answers are the strength of gold,

My journey continues a gift to be told