“Deborah is a light on a dark path, she is a guide who can really make a difference to your life direction. Deborah will help you light your own lantern.”



Life Coach & Mentor  

Trauma, Grief, Transformation

Deborah Helps You Get Results

“I learned more about myself in the past 6 months of coaching with Deborah than I have from 10 years of counseling and therapy


Author/Trainer/Radio Host/Healer/Speaker/Entertainer




Highly Skilled!

Veterans and Trauma… Deborah Berry is a Phenomenon that should not be taken lightly or overlooked in any facet of psychotherapy.

Ms Berry has branched out into the realm of the Veterans. I would highly recommend her services to be subcontracted by the Veteran’s Administration. Her uncanny yet stupendous ability to reach into the minds of Veterans and getting them to face the horrors that they harbor from warfare and the struggle to re-enter society is head and shoulders above many of her peers. Veterans, like myself, who have been in her counsel sessions, have been immensely helped with face-to-face and video sessions. Her professional, ethical, and moral attitude will give veterans confidence in releasing the mental ills that they may feel no one can handle. Deborah has the ability to handle any issue a veteran is dealing with because she cannot only sympathize but she can empathize with the veterans. Her personal losses and survival parallels those losses that veterans have faced and upon a completion of a prescribed session with her, the veteran can adjust and move forward in their life.

Pastor Watkins. M.Div, Retired Marine. 


Changed My Life!

Professional and Personal… Deborah helped changed my life after I survived a traumatic brain injury and stroke. Deborah’s voice and style is therapeutic, she guided back to myself.

Deborah branded my career in one of the toughest industries in the world of golf course construction.

She recreated my resume, produced a powerful promotional video and set the stage for me to attract leading golf course architects globally and from around the country. Her skills in business are like no other I have come across during my professional career. She is a true pro, savvy, focused and inspiring. I can’t recommend her services highly enough as a producer, publicist and talent in any field she specializes in.

Dan Gadd – Brain Injury/Stroke Survivor  OH


Advanced Sensitivity Program

 Disabilities and Special Needs Awareness – Training for Staff and Management. 

The concepts that Deborah Berry introduced at the training sessions were valuable to us. We are a public library, and so our staff works with patrons from all walks of life on a daily basis. The essential idea that anyone and everyone face challenges/disabilities, both seen and unseen, is vitally important to our public service staff in our goal of delivering outstanding customer service. These sessions reminded us to be compassionate and empathetic to our patrons.

Deborah’s training was thoughtful, relevant, and well received by staff. They were a great mix of discussions, sharing, and self-analysis. The structure was interesting and varied, and Ms. Berry presented the material through a variety of mediums to provide a high level of engagement for her students. Deborah is a pleasure to work with, and her communication skills are outstanding. She is a dedicated, passionate, and detail-oriented individual. She is knowledgeable and approachable, and I would recommend her to other organizations.

Paseo Verde Public Library Henderson Manager J. Dalusung


Best Coach!

Life Balance and Career…Deborah mentally prepare me to open my new medical practice. She was dedicated to help me reach my personal goals to overcome a troublesome childhood. Deborah has helped me be more in balance and address anxiety. I have seen some of the best life coaches in the business Deborah is by far the best very versatile. I highly recommend her.

Dr. Wen MD General Medical Practitioner and Integration Medicine – NV


The Greatest Gift

The ability to Trust Myself  – manifesting some amazing unexpected opportunities,

After 7 weeks of coaching Deborah gave me the GREATEST GIFT! the ability to trust myself and stop searching outside myself for answers.

Many of us have heard the saying “go within” Deborah is one of the few coaches who gives you practical steps on how to communicate with and listen to your inner voice. Through this, I’ve been able to identify what’s been holding me back, and start healing the pain that was buried deep. As I’m healing,

I’ve been experiencing more synchronicities and manifesting some amazing unexpected opportunities, I’m definitely finding more peace & happiness – 2010

Skills that last a lifetime – 2014


Kris de Leon profile picture

Kris de Leon L.V. Funding Specialist

Staff Appreciation

Staff/Participants … Thank-you Deborah for shining a light in our department –  Group Training Program.

The Reference Girls. Henderson Library – NV


Programs for Women

End Abuse… 6 Week Group Training Program. Thank-you Deborah for sharing your wisdom and knowledge to help me help myself build healthier and happier relationships. I learned a lot about myself and new ways to recover from a lifetime of abuse. 

Survivors of Abuse, Rape and Childhood Trauma  – Nevada


Personal Growth, Spirituality & Healing 

Compassionate and Spiritual. I don’t have much time to read an entire book but I was intrigued by Deborah’s coaching manual, Empower Your Life. I have been a Nun with the Catholic Church for many years. And worked alongside educators in personal development and spirituality. Deborah’s theories are thought provoking and insightful. She took me down the road of my own life supporting deep reflection. I recommend her programs to anyone who is ready to expand their inner knowing and have a desire to develop compassion and courage.

Sister Doris  – Catholic Nun 


Life Balance for a Busy Executive

I have known Deborah Berry since 1991, and am familiar with her business success as a personal manager and publicist for an Award Winning Las Vegas entertainer, for many years. Recently I hired her to help me find balance in my life.

Deborah has been helpful to me on a personal basis, teaching me how to implement a healthier diet and slowing down enough from my busy schedule to properly digest my food. I have lost over 15 pounds with a very simple and healthy eating plan designed by her knowledge in food and health. She has excellent insight on how natural herbs can assist in digestion and what vitamin supplements can help certain chronic conditions that I seem to suffer from.

Deborah helped to declutter my wardrobe and home, based on her Feng Shui qualifications and philosophy. She also has shown me how to work with my dog, to get her to behave much better. I believe her experience in training animals, has helped me and my dog execute a healthier relationship and learning new boundaries.

At 62 it’s not easy to change but she has this kind, compassion and firm way to implement change.

Gail L. Knowles, Executive Certified Meeting Planner – LV


Divine Intervention

My road to enlightenment was made possible by Deborah By divine intervention God brought us to cross paths in the “nick” of time. 

Mandell Wooden Photographer/Veteran – NV


Anxiety and Panic Attacks… I told Deborah about my panic attacks and the 24 hour anxiety before having to hold my eyes closed during an eye lash treatment. After a 5 minute Hypnosis Instruction (over the phone)  the panic attacks and anxiety disappeared. They never returned!

Caroline  – Australia


Energy Healing

Grief and Loss… Deborah is unique in the way she brings out the inner you and helps guide you in your search for inner peace and happiness.  She will make you laugh or cry just by talking to you. I have never seen anything like it. The way in which she helps you release and let go of negative feelings, loss and trauma. Check her out, it will be an eye opening experience I guarantee it.   

Reiki & Reconnection Healer, Cancer survivor and former veteran Greg Stofle – Las Vegas


Childhood Trauma & Adult Brain Injury

Deborah is one of the kindest, giving, loving woman on the planet. I have been too many therapists throughout my life, and she is better than all of them combined. She is a brilliant coach.

 Childhood Trauma; Deborah helped me with a family history of extreme abuse, a brain trauma and how to deal with it. Putting things into perspective, to see life in a different light and not blame myself. My self-esteem was low. She has taught me new ways of how to love and be kind to myself through self talk and compassion. An ongoing process, I continue to practice helping myself grow.

Health Challenges; I thought I had the flu (covid) a few times and panicked. Deborah helped me to first look at my lousy diet and unstable blood sugars. She is very knowledgeable about holistic methods, supplements, healthy eating habits, and how to avoid unnecessary medications and trips to the ER.

 Business Coach; Deborah inspired me to turn my love for dogs into a dog sitting business. She has been a tremendous help to work from the birth of an idea to managing the finer details, constructing marketing materials and strategies to increase profitability. I love what I do and being paid for it.

I have known Deborah Berry for over 11 years. I have grown and advanced because of her unique combination of skills in coaching. She is a rare gem and incredible beyond belief. She is a blessing. Hire her in a heartbeat. You won’t regret it for a second!!!

Cindy Wilson – 65 WA. 2022 Retired Home Care Provider


Deborah Raises Your Vibration!

Deborah lifts you out of negative vibes with her healing presence.

There are many trauma coaches and counselors out there, some I have seen, but Deborah is unique. It isn’t so much about her life experience with multiple traumas, her compassion or that she is an excellent coach. Deborah has this way about her that is beyond words. It is something you have to experience for yourself to truly understand what I am trying to convey. 

She is a light on a dark path that can really make a difference to your life direction, and help you light your own lantern.  

Trauma and Addiction – Rachelle Meyer


Anxiety & Panic Attacks

I was blown away by your Book

You have given me a gift. It took years and years of tragedy and life experience to create this one book that will help change so many lives. I sometimes feel I am a new soul because being so naive to everything and I must look to old souls, like yourself, for guidance in this world.

Your book will always be a reference for my questions, ease to my constant anxiety, and a comfort to my soul. You know the saying, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”? I never understood that. I never believed it. As a child, I was strong and fearless. As I got older and experienced tragedy and bad experiences, I became weaker. I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks to the point where it affected my social life and school. I then had panic attacks about having panic attacks. It just got worse. I didn’t understand how emotionally and spiritually I was getting weaker, instead of stronger like they say you should. But you are proof of that strength. Some of my favorite quotes of yours:

“Life is about lessons, not punishments.” “I have traveled out of the twilight zone, and into an aligned soul.”

Karissa Barcello UNLV Graduate