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Deborah’s Abilities Are Rare – Amazing Life Coach.

Deborah was highly recommended to me after my older brother died earlier this year. I really didn’t believe I needed any help with this loss and a loss of my mother a few years prior. I thought I had everything under control. I am an independent single woman with a Master Degree in Educational Administration. I taught special education for 25 years, and six years I worked as an administrator and consultant in special education for LAUSD.

Deborah’s personal experience combined with her years of study and education has proven to be valuable to her ability to life coach. I found her to be compassionate and sensitive through my sessions relating to grief and loss in my life. Her process and the system she developed are deliberate yet flexible, supporting my personal development. She guided me through a process of self-investigation that was sensitive to my pain yet comforting and positive in a proactive way. I was able to identify my hidden fears, anxiety and acquired new skills to manage my life. I highly recommend Deborah for growth and healing. I have much admiration for her ability. Her theory in coaching and communication is invaluable. I am better prepared for future life challenges and have learned new skills to manage stress, anxiety and loss throughout my lifetime.

Retired Special Education Administrator Karen Ehrlich – LV.


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