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Welcome to our community of awakened souls and enlightened beings. We are the home of the brave and ridiculously resilient. 

Explore the infinite light of your soul on a practical and spiritual adventure to transform yourself through trauma, grief, and loss, or any challenge that dims your light.

Are you ready to Heal your heart, balance your body, calm your mind, and spiritually evolve?


A Journey to the Center of Your Soul

“In the darkest dark, I discovered the brightest light.”

Deborah Berry


You are being called to shine your light

Do you feel dull, lost, lonely, broken, or just sick and tired of being sick and tired? Does this sound like you? Then you have come to the perfect place to bring balance, beauty, and harmony into your world. 





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What you focus on you feed and what you feed lives inside of you.

Deborah Berry




Awaken Your Soul

8-Day Spiritual Challenge to Connect Your Mind to Your Soul

Begin a new chapter now. Set yourself free from internal chaos and external drama. Learn how to trust yourself and your instincts with a juicy bite into life and authentic living. An Introduction Journal and eBook to Revealing Your Light. Deborah’s gift to you when you sign up to join our community of brave warriors. 

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Spiritual & Silent Immersive Adventures ~

Explore, Dream, Heal, and Evolve

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Deborah’s abilities to guide you through “energy and healing” are unlike anything I have come across in my 50 years in music and psychotherapy.

Deborah Berry has firsthand experience transforming herself and professionally coaching others through the wars of suffering, grief, and trauma. She has been there for me as my spiritual guide and coach. She relates to your inner struggles and can help you transform your life.

Jerry Simon – Arbecy

Therapist and Veteran


A Spiritual Immersion

“The secret isn’t knowing all the answers the secret is knowing where to find them.”


British-Australian author Deborah Berry has spent a lifetime decoding ‘Authentic Love.’ A journey she ventured on to transform herself through trauma, and unimaginable suffering. Great loss was the driving force to explore grief after the drowning death of her two-year-old son in 1986. Which inspired her passion for the truth behind her visions, dreams, and premonitions. Eleven years later, on the same day, date, and time, Deborah tragically sustained a brain injury in a car accident.

Over the past six decades, Deborah has peeled away each trauma, mastered her body, and closed the book on grief’s ugly grip on her heart. To reveal her innermost beauty, she confronted her fears. By seeking compassion and courage in the “sacred space” of nature, creativity, and the spirit world she unveiled her sanctuary for healing. The messages in her story are prolific. Her knowledge and wisdom were born from experience and years of personal investigation into holistic living and the human spirit.

 Welcome to your inner sanctuary, where creativity and nature come full circle in the cycle of life.

Hi, my name is Deborah Berry. I look forward to guiding you through the archives of suffering and helping you catch your breath and breathe. This is a journey like no other to uncover the true essence of who you are, trust yourself, and be comfortable in your own skin.

Real Your Light Retreats, Coaching, and Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guide ~ Energy Whisperer ~ Trauma Survivalist 


  1991 Highervision Collection ~ Poetry and Art

Imagine! You Are The Master of Your Universe

I have been intrigued with happiness and love since I was a little girl. In 1998, at the crossroads to end my life, I was inspired by a conversation with God to write a book, which led me to life coaching, Eastern philosophy, and energy medicine in 2002. The first creative therapy class I facilitated was in a men’s shelter 30 years ago, in 1993. I was later invited into the men’s correctional center in Ohio. It is a beautiful experience to see people open up and trust to talk about their troubles, express themselves creatively, and be open to new possibilities ~ no matter the circumstances. 

I implement multiple modalities and coaching methods unique to my process and integrative system, “Brain, Heart and Spiritual Mechanics,” and The Key to Life Discovery Process.

Discover my secrets to Spiritual Intelligence

My Mission is to help you live in divine balance and master your universe, through a synchronistic balance between the practical and spiritual. Valuable life skills, strategies, and wisdom gathered on my journey from suffering into synergy, fear into freedom, and loss into love. I focus on the practical aspect of ‘Spiritually Transcending’ into a higher consciousness and integrating it into your every day – you can learn more about my spiritual adventures and story by listening to my podcast. Deborah’s Aria, Tale of the 3 Towers. 


Looking Within

“Through the eyes of a mistreated horse, I discovered myself.” At first, he showed me his anger and pain, then I met his soul.

This audio shares some of the secrets I learned while retraining abused horses in my teens exposing childhood abuse. Take a few minutes for yourself and discover how you too can break the spell of suffering. A brief look into how I uncovered purpose while investigating the pain of brain injury, memory loss, sensory overload, vertigo, spine damage, disabilities, and suicidal thoughts ~ My spiritual awakening and conversations with God.


Produced in 2008 – 11 Years Post Deborah’s Brain Trauma


Awareness and Self Love

“I have learned more about myself in the past 6 months of coaching with Deborah than I have from 10 years of counseling and therapy. She helped me be honest with myself and trust my instincts while practicing her methods and journaling process. Plus sleep deeply for the first time in several years through her guidance, healing voice, and meditation programs.” 




Manifesting Magic

“The skills I developed from Deborah’s coaching not only helped me overcome some huge challenges – I am thriving and living a life full of passion and purpose. I improved in all areas of my life – finances, career, relationships, health, and spirituality – since I worked with her I have attracted some amazing new opportunities. I highly recommend Deborah as a life coach – you’ll get the results in your life through her work.”



Emotional Freedom and Discipline

“Deborah is truly gifted as a spiritual teacher and guide with an advanced understanding of life, death, and grief. She is a rare gem. Deborah is a light on a dark path, she is a guide who can really make a difference in your life direction and will help you light your own lantern.


Welcome to our community of awakened souls. We are the home of the brave and ridiculously resilient… illuminate your spirit from the inside out. Life Coaching Programs, Spiritual Guidance. Awaken Your Soul, 8-Day Spiritual Challenge Connect Your Mind to Your Soul. Meditations, Video, Audio, eBooks.

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Reveal Your Light Retreats, Coaching and Spiritual Guidance

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Reveal Your Light Retreats, Coaching, and Spiritual Guidance

Reveal Your Light Retreats, Coaching, and Spiritual Guidance

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Reveal Your Light Retreats, Coaching and Spiritual GuidReveal Your Light Retreats, Coaching, and Spiritual Guidanceance

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