Deborah Berry

“I discovered the brightest light in the darkest dark.”

Author,  Coach, Storyteller, Visionary, Life Strategist, and Spiritual Guide. 


Deborah Berry is the Creator of The Key to Life Discovery Process and the author of her upcoming book “Ridiculously Resilient”, 12 keys to overcome any challenge, trauma or loss. In 2020 she developed Divine Balance Soul Leadership, encompassing The 4 Pillars; Deborah’s Aria, Tale of the 3 Towers Podcast, The Visual Vortex, Your Virtual and Spiritual GPS, Souladex Master Class (coming fall 2022) and the Producer of The Brave to the Core Documentary – Docuseries.


Deborah Berry

Deborah’s brave expedition of life is beyond surviving multiple traumas, brain injury, disease, a deadly whiplash and the death of her son. She has overcome childhood abandonment, sexual assault and medical trauma. 

Deborah’s passion and expertise is drawn from the research and study into the matrix of the brain, heart and spiritual mechanics, combining a deep immersion into self-discovery and creative expression. The unique process behind her concepts is not designed to teach you through information by reading books. Deborah guides you how to understand, trust and read yourself, by stepping out of life adversity into the pages of your life’s calling.


My Story

The Practical Journey… that lead me to becoming a coach: I am a coach through and through to the core of my personality. The practical side of who I am represents action. I didn’t realize this until 20 years ago. I really got a grasp of it after the car accident. I searched and searched for tools to help me heal myself but I didn’t really know what I was trying to address specifically. All I wanted to do was stop the symptoms and end the suffering. At the time I was seeing a psychologist. My main objective was to have a list of tasks to help bring me back to normality. In the 90’s, there was no such book addressing brain injury, PTSD or past traumas and grief. We didn’t know it then, but we were fighting a big battle in the dark. It wasn’t until four years later that I was diagnosed with a brain injury which helped to put everything into perspective. Having a brain that was “slow on thinking” had its advantages and THAT led me to learn more about who I was, rather than what I had been influenced to believe about myself. 

            Everything experienced in life eventually bubbles up to the surface, it comes to a head. That’s what happened to me. The more I pushed to fix my broken body, the more my broken-self endured another crack in the foundation of my sanity. Ambition for wellness is a valid motivation to regain physical strength, but my attention needed to shift from fixing myself to healing, and that requires a process through time. Nature has to take its course. Fear of uncertainty must not be the driving force to reach your goal. Uncertainty and being blind in the wake of one’s future is a test of faith and a gymnasium to gain strengthen hope.

            I hit rock bottom. I lost all hope. For the first time in my life, hope was none existent. I was physically shattered and mentally unstable. After my son drowned eleven years prior, I discovered the meaning of hope. I know it sounds hard to imagine, but I was shown very distinct principles to living life and how to heal through grief. The morning I lost all hope and myself to an emotional and mental breakdown, positioned me to breakthrough and connect to the superhuman connection. As mystical as this may sound the spiritual energies of my soul aligned me with all I needed to begin living my life in Divine Balance. 

Tasks I did in my daily routine and the practical principles to heal became vividly clear. Even though it didn’t happen all at once, my trials and tribulations began to make sense. All the pieces of the puzzle began to take shape. As for my life, it began to take a different course. At first I resisted the change, but the more I began to practice what I share with you in these pages, the more I found inner peace and a greater meaning and purpose to live.

Self-enquiry became the key to my healing. Self-enquiry is the basis of how I help guide you through a process that is much easier than you can imagine. Remember I said earlier, it is not so much about knowledge, but experience. I will help you find your own wisdom through your experiences. 

Audio is coming soon…. the story continues. 



“There is one thing I know from living through all that I have and being brave and resilient that…

Suffering and oppression may seem impossible to overcome, but it is here where we are capable to break free and reveal to ourselves, the superhuman abilities to overcome anything.

Deborah Berry

Her Story MISSION BUTTERFLY coming Soon

Her miraculous story is evidence how you too can break free from the chaos and uncertainty of pain and suffering related to a disability or misfortune. Deborah provides the necessary guidance and process to transcend the unimaginable and master the practical steps of healing at the soul level.