Deborah Berry

I Give You The Strategy to Make it Happen

Deborah’s expertise is gathered over six decades. Expanding into the study of The Brain-Heart, and Spiritual Mechanics. TM. She combines meditation with a deep immersion into self-discovery. Supported by creative expression and practical tools. The unique process behind her concepts is not designed to teach scrolls of information. Or details that get lost in the files of your brain. Deborah Berry guides you in how to understand, trust and read yourself. By stepping out of life adversity, onto the path of your life’s calling.

Deborah’s story is a testament of how you, too, can rise above any challenge. She has lived through a head trauma, brain injury, disease, and a near fatal whiplash. She has overcome the tragic death of her son, childhood abandonment, sexual assault, and chemical and medical trauma.




Deborah’s abilities for coaching and mentoring stem from a broad array of life experiences. Growing up in rural Australia was her opportunity to learn the nature of life. Surrounded by animals and horses, behavior was a focal point, which inspired later in life a deeper look into her traumatic childhood. Quick to learn and adapt to a variety of sports equestrian riding over shadowed her talents for track and field, and swimming. Deborah left home at 16 and began meditating in the late 70s. In her twenties, her fascination with the inner world of the mind and heart expanded into a holistic lifestyle.

Deborah was determined to find answers. Psychology piqued her interest, which became a life study. At 23, weeks after the birth of her second baby, months after the death of her firstborn-son. Deborah suffered health complications caused by a chemical trauma. Several misdiagnoses directed her focus on natural remedies and a whole body approach to wellness. Deborah’s life is rich in the practical elements of sustaining life balance. Her love for writing, music, history, and travel became a compass. In her 40s she studied under a six generation master of Feng Shui that led her further into her interests in life balance, work/home harmony and energy healing. 


  • Personal Manager, Publicist and Producer for Headline International Entertainer  – 11 years.
  • Bond University Australia; psychology, grief, abuse counseling and therapy.
  • Australian Institute of Feng Shui and Qi Gong – Practitioner – 2002
  • Energy Healer Certification – 2002.
  • Published “Empower Your Life, Secrets from a Life Coach.” 2010
  • Mentor and Advisor in various aspects of life and business – 45 years. 
  • Equestrian Rider, Horse Riding Instructor and Trainer – 15 years.
  • Practitioner, Life Coach and Spiritual Guide – 22 years.

My Story

The Journey… one story that led me to becoming an author and coach:

I am a coach at the core of my personality. I represent action. At a young age, I entered management positions with ease. I thrived on having a goal and reaching it. It is by no surprise coaching and self-help got my attention.

    My life and dreams appeared to be over in 1997 after a car accident.. I searched high and low for a book with tools to help me heal myself, but I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I suffered from severe pain and physical malfunctions. No one could pinpoint a diagnosis. In 1998, I started counseling with a psychologist and an assistant professor to gain ‘back’ normality and recover. I wanted to end the suffering.

     In the 90s, there was no such book addressing brain injury, PTSD or past traumas and grief combining holistic wellness. We didn’t know it then, but we were fighting a titanic battle in the dark. It wasn’t until four years after the car accident a neuropsychologist diagnosed me with having a brain injury. Which put everything into perspective. Having a brain that was “slow on thinking” had its advantages. I learned more about who I was, rather than what I had been told about myself. 

     Every ugly experience in life bubbles up to the surface. One way or another. It comes to a head. That’s what happened to me. The more I pushed to fix my broken body, the more my broken-self endured another crack in my sanity. Wellness is a valid motivation to regain physical strength and emotional balance, but my attention needed to shift from fixing myself to healing. Healing is a process. Something I had to accept and learn.

     It was on this journey I realized how my past affected my present. How each trauma and loss accumulated in the memory of my body, and dictated my emotional equilibrium.

“I discovered the brightest light in the darkest dark.” Deborah Berry

In 1986, In my darkest moment, I was rescued by a divine intervention during the death and passing of my son Lee. I discovered a superhuman connection when Christ appeared before me and said “I will never walk alone.”

Eleven years later….After the car accident. I hit rock bottom. For the first time in my life, I lost hope. In 1998, a year after the crash, I had a suicidal breakdown, followed by a spiritual breakthrough. A divine intersection interceded and inspired me to write a book to help heal myself and guide others on their journey. Ten days later, serendipity shows up when my psychologist encouraged me to write and publish my story. That week my life took on a new direction.

     It didn’t happen all at once, but my trials and tribulations eventually made sense. At first I resisted the change, but the more I practiced what I share with you during my coaching process, the more I found inner peace, a greater meaning and purpose to live.

Audio is coming soon…. the Deborah Berry Story continues. 


There is one thing I know from being brave and resilient …

“What You Focus on you Feed, 

What you feed Lives within You.”

Deborah Berry

Her Story MISSION BUTTERFLY coming Soon

Her story is miraculous. Evidence of how you can also break free from the chaos and uncertainty of pain and suffering. Deborah provides the guidance how to transcend the unimaginable and master the practical steps of healing at the soul level.