Tim interviews Deborah breaking down some of the topics in each of her stories.

Set Yourself Free 

Deborah discovers the truth about her childhood, through a dream she had that revealed abuse and abandonment. Evidence confirmed 25 years later . 

The Podcast Deborah’s Aria, Tale of the 3 Towers

Meet The Producer and Your Host

The Podcast Deborah’s Aria, Tale of the 3 Towers is breaking new ground in personal-development for survivors who want to enter into the paranormal and the superhuman ability to transcend trauma, grow through grief and spiritually evolve. An innovative-fusion of entertainment, storytelling, reality radio and self-growth.

Deborah explores the synchronicity between past events, present aspirations and your future. Nothing about life is random. Unpredictable maybe, but certainly not by accident. It is an intriguing real-life story of a profound dream she had, which is now coming true. Encounters that will raise goose bumps and send chills up your spine. Reality Radio fused with storytelling You must not miss!


Deborah Berry

Executive producer/creator/Storyteller

“The secret isn’t knowing all the answers, the secret is knowing where to find them.”


more coming soon




Tim Tucker

Associate Producer/host

“Magic can happen when you unite two creatives with a common foe like grief. Let the arrows fly.”


This is not Tim’s first collaboration with Deborah. They first met while working on a Las Vegas based entertainment radio show where she was the producer and he was the on air host/segment writer. They quickly realized that they had much in common. Grief. Deborah a grief and trauma coach/author with a long history of trauma. Tim struggling the usual fall out of a recent loss. It was their shared desire to turn grief into something more powerful. A duel project that could offer others an arrow on the battle field.

While working separately on their grief projects, their journeys kept them intersecting on a regular basis. Proof that nothing is by chance, to use Deborah’s phrase. The Aria is the latest project and the most self reflective yet and THAT difficult nexus is where you find revelation as well as ascension.

Tim’s performance career has taken him around the globe in such Broadway shows as “Mamma Mia”,  “A Chorus Line”, “42nd St.” and “Hair”, to name  a few.

He is currently putting the finishing touches on his screenplay which revolves around one man’s attempt to define his long standing battle with grief  while being confronted with his own imminent death and how it relates to the way we perceive the unknown. He is also in development for a tv dramedy streaming series  that will take aim at everything happening in Las Vegas through the eyes of the fashion industry.