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“the secret isn’t knowing all the answers, the secret is knowing where to find them”

Heal Your Heart and Reveal Your Light

British-Australian author Deborah Berry has spent a lifetime decoding ‘Authentic Love.’ A journey she ventured on to transform herself through trauma, and unimaginable suffering. Great loss was the driving force to explore grief after the drowning death of her two-year-old son in 1986. Which inspired her passion for the truth behind her visions and dreams. Eleven years later, on the same day, date, and time, she tragically sustained a brain injury in a car accident.

The secrets she learned while retraining abused horses in her teens exposed childhood abuse. “Through the eyes of a mistreated horse, I discovered myself.” At first, he showed me his anger and pain, then I met his soul.

Over the past six decades, Deborah has peeled away each trauma, mastered her body, and closed the book on grief’s ugly grip on her heart. To reveal her innermost beauty, she confronted all fears. By seeking compassion and the sacred space of creativity and nature, she unveiled a sanctuary for healing and holistic practices. The messages in her story are prolific. Her knowledge and wisdom were born from experience and years of spiritual investigation.

Deborah Berry is a gifted healer, coach, and spiritual guide who implements multiple modalities unique to her integrative process. Regardless of your experience, she tailors a program to enrich and bring lasting balance to your life.

Activate Love, Calm Your Mind, and Spiritually Evolve

Immerse yourself into the abyss of your soul and expand your consciousness. This is a creative pathway of self-awareness and transformation. Set yourself free from anything that stops you from reaching your greatness. Heighten your intuition, speak your truth with confidence, and shine the light on your path.

This brave and resilient woman guides you through the archives of suffering and helps you catch your breath and breathe. Venture on a journey like no other to uncover the true essence of who you are and thrive. Welcome to your inner sanctuary, where creativity and nature come full circle in the cycle of life.


About Deborah



Deborah Berry

Visionary ~ Spiritual Guide ~ Life Coach

Artist ~ Author ~ Poet ~ Producer

The HigherVision Collection

Healer ~ Empath ~ Meditation Instructor ~ Retreat Facilitator


“I learned more about myself in the past 6 months of coaching with Deborah than I have from 10 years of counseling and therapy. And she helped me truly sleep for the first time in several years through her healing voice and meditation programs.” 




“The skills I developed from her coaching not only helped me overcome challenging situations but also thrive and live a life full of passion and purpose. I improved in all areas of my life – finances, career, relationships, health, and spirituality – since I worked with her. I highly recommend Deborah as a life coach – you’ll get the results in your life through her work.”



“Deborah is truly gifted as a spiritual teacher and guide with an advanced understanding of life, death, and grief. She is a rare gem. Deborah is a light on a dark path, she is a guide who can really make a difference in your life direction and will help you light your own lantern.


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