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“Where creativity and nature come full circle in the cycle of life.”



Grief, Trauma & PTSD

Activate Your Inner Light 

Our emotions are powerful and can either be our best friend or a dark place where we lose control. It goes way beyond recognizing the triggers or facing a painful past. We explore shadow and inner child activation and healing. A holistic journey in discovering a deeper knowing and life balance through the body, and within the mind, heart, and spirit.

Sleep health & Insomnia

Dream Analysis & Consciousness

Sleep and rest is your body’s way of recharging the nervous system and rebooting the brain. Restore new routines, and be empowered through your dreams. The subconscious is the key to expanding your intuition and raising your vibrations. The gateway to elevating your abilities and spiritual attunement. 

Anxiety & Stress

Suffering to Synergy

No matter what the world is doing or not doing you can find inner peace during the chaos. Learn how to be comfortable in your own skin and regulate your energy fields with Sensory Somatics – being in tune with your body is a vital part of Deborah’s process to transcend suffering and live in mind, heart, and soul balance = Divine Balance.

Fear & self sabotage

Trust and Love Yourself

Trust your instincts and your body’s natural defense mechanisms. Being sensitive is not a weakness. It is one of your greatest attributes when you know how to use it to your advantage. Master your mind and emotions. Explore your fears instead of avoiding them. Break old patterns and unhealthy habits through advanced techniques in self-inquiry. 

Relax, Rest, and Restore 

All Inclusive and Personalized Retreat Experience


Deborah’s Silent & Spiritual Immersion

A Daily Meditation Ceremony 

Explore and Connect to Nature

 Spiritual & Walkabout Adventures

Individual & Communal Activities

Fire and Inner Circles 

Private Hypnosis and Soul Sessions

Cleanse Your Body, Wellness Juice Bar

Creative Workshops

Technology Detox

Healthy Meals Vegetarian Options



Retreat Location Options: Inand and Sea

Heart-to-heart healing with horses, dolphin, and whale energy.



Coaching, Classes, and Soul Sessions facilitated by Spiritual and Life Guide and Trauma Survivalist Deborah Berry

Mental Wellbeing!

“Deborah has helped me with childhood trauma and address anxiety from a unique perspective. She incorporated life and career balance and helped me set up my medical practice. I have seen some of the best life coaches in the business Deborah is by far the best, and very versatile. I highly recommend her.”

Dr. Wen MD General Medical Practitioner and Integrative Medicine. NV. 

Emotional Healing!

“I learned to take one day at a time after my baby and husband died. Deborah has this way about her that is like no other coach or counselor I have gone to for emotional support. She is practical and guides you through the steps to be stronger and more centered, but her greatest gift is beyond words. There were days she lifted the veil of suffering from my entire body and guided me through a spiritual experience to let go of the pain.”

Elena, loss, grief, and trauma

Holistic Wellness

“Deborah has shown me how to implement a healthier diet and slow down enough from my busy schedule to properly digest my food. I have lost over 15 pounds with a very simple and healthy eating plan designed by her knowledge of food and health. She has excellent insight into how natural herbs can assist in digestion and what vitamin supplements can help certain chronic conditions that I seem to suffer from. In addition, she helped me have a healthier relationship with my dog and have a balanced home environment.

Gayle Knowles, health and weight loss 

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Men, Women, and Couples ~ Solo Travelers ~ Veterans, Stroke and TBI Survivors

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