The Visual Vortex

Your Virtual and Spiritual GPS



“Deborah takes you into the healing zones of cinematic beauty, nature and music. Immerse yourself deep into the far regions of your inner-world to connect your mind to your soul.”


The Visual Vortex Your Virtual and Spiritual GPS – I Am Free for Women.

Including a version for Men 

Back To Nature

A natural bath to sooth your soul

Sometimes we just need to recharge our batteries. There is nothing more soothing and rejuvenating than connecting to nature. 

Escape into natural sounds, healing music, beautiful imagery and cinematic footage to bring your into balance and inspire positive energy: 

Visual Meditation

Expand Your Awareness & Intuition

It is time to raise your vibration, open your imagination, increase visualization skills to expand your awareness and intuition.

You will do more than immerse yourself into meditation… It is possible to Connect Your Mind to Your Soul and Master Your Universe.

The Visual Vortex. Your Virtual and Spiritual GPS

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Come Zen with Me…

Inspired Moments

Poetry, Quotes and Inspiration

Self-care and self-love is a necessary remedy for todays crazy pace. 

Do you need a little inspiration or motivation? Shift your perspective, open your heart and motivate new ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Or simply take a break for a few moments a day to be kind to yourself.