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Growing Wise

Brain Injury Awareness

Today I was inspired to write a poem… I feel gratitude move through me. Even though I am challenged I always find courage and continue the experience of intuitive writing fill me up with creativity.  

Last night I woke a few times gasping for air… the metal kept jabbing me in the throat, I stopped breathing.  (metal from a fusion in my cervical spine) I was not sad but taken back. Life is long in those moments but in essence it is fleeting. – Brain injury awareness month 2022. 

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Growing Wise

I can’t help but cry
To watch the old and wise
Coming together
Waiting their turn
Saying good-byes

I am not far behind
I am only steps away…
I am growing in numbers
Limited time to play

It was not all that long ago
Moments I suspect
When I looked forward
Miles and miles of road ahead

But it is not the end I mourn
That too has a new dawn
It is the journey I’ve tread…

It was full of surprises
Glorious and notorious
Hope of great things
to spread my wings

So many flights ended
On the ground
Lost and lonely I found
Nothing was what YOU expect

Disappointed at times
Broken, only to find
I am that I am
Flesh and bone

Emotions they moan
Beauty is thrown
Propels me to happiness
My heart is not stone

The light shines in the darkness
In the hollow veins of my pain
I rise where my mind meets my soul
To dance in the rain…

Today is eternal
No beginning or end
She knows no limits
To fight or pretend…

Time has no threat…
I am that I am
The light in the light
A golden thread

Joined to me
Connected to you
We are the dance
The roots of the tree
The leaves
The flowers
The sound
And the night

Infinite journeys
Beyond our sight.

Deborah Berry
March 6th 2022

Brain Injury Awareness Month Inspired poem