Reveal Your Light

Explore, Heal, and Evolve

Freedom Retreats is a Wellness, Healing, and Spiritual escape. A Private Sanctuary on the beach perched high on the hilltops of Mexico’s Riviera. VIP Exclusive, all-inclusive experience – remote, boutique resort. Choose your cocoon, the place where you will discover your wings and the light within to help you fly.

Join Deborah Berry and the Freedom tribe for a life-changing and soulful journey. Unplug, play, relax, and rejuvenate your body, mind, heart, and spirit in this once-in-a-lifetime experience to Reveal Your Light and set yourself free. 

January 20th – 27th 2024

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With each video, they tell a story and show you what you can expect. 


Where Creativity meets Creation, Adventure, and Inner Balance come full circle in the Cycle of Life.

Freedom Retreats presents a sacred journey for your soul to reveal your light. Our sanctuary is dedicated to awareness, wellness, and transformation. 

Our goal is to help you totally unplug from the chaos, connect to nature, and become one with yourself. This is a perfect retreat to rediscover who you are. Uncover the true meaning of love, self-love, and self-worth.

Raise Your Consciousness

End suffering, stop the pain, and heal your heart. Break trauma patterns. Let go of all your problems it is time to master your mind, learn to live in the moment, and enjoy every second. If anxiety arises, our ‘Survivalist Life Coach’ has you covered. Rest and rejuvenate your body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Deborah offers you a deep immersion to guide you into the light of higher consciousness. 


Super Charge Your Transformation


Set against the sweeping vista of Mexico’s Pacific Coast. The beach house and bungalows highlight what the surrounding village has to offer. The charisma of this property is in alignment with the five elements of mother nature.

Our sacred paradise is perched high on a hill, feet from the ocean. The property is perfectly aligned with the auspicious streams of light – to help activate your authentic self and transformation.


Welcome to our paradise, a little piece of heaven on earth.


Heal & Evolve

Elite Coaching and Spiritual Guidance


Deborah Berry, our resident healer and life coach, offers our guests a menu of workshops. A daily soul-stirring session to balance your emotions, and exercises to train your mind and rewire your brain. Take a journey through the five senses in the kitchen and nature. Ignite your innate gifts by being creative with color and sound. Meditation and being still can be challenging for some people. Deborah’s methods will help you let go and tune into a higher vibration for healing. Join us in a group meditation at sunset, in the moonlight, or under the stars.

Evolve… transform suffering into synergy and fear into freedom. Release and let go of stress, anxiety, and fear. Reset sleep patterns. Learn to trust yourself and chime into your intuition. Deborah has decades of experience helping people like you face life challenges, dig into the archives of suffering, and heal their hearts. 

It begins with a soul session via Zoom ten days before your retreat getaway. Let the metamorphosis begin.



Who is this for?

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. We cater to beginners through to advanced individuals and groups interested in personal growth. Professionals from all walks of life and everyday people who are ready to let go and discover inner peace.

Men and Women – Young or Mature

Freedom Retreats are designed to awaken your tiger of confidence, courage, and inner beauty. Choose from our retreat menu of options. Each retreat is themed or customized to meet your group’s needs. Immerse yourself into the abyss of your soul, raise your vibration, and set yourself free.


Welcome to our Paradise






















































It is all about you!

Your experience is our number one priority. Exclusive small groups of 6 – 22 people. We specialize in VIP services every step of the way. The magic begins with a luxury cruise from the marina directly to the retreat by the sea, where your adventure continues.

10 Rooms – 10 Guests – Single Occupancy 

All-Inclusive VIP Package 

  • VIP Guest Services
  • Private king Suite + Private Bathroom
  • Personal Chef + Healthy Meals
  • 1-1 Practical & Spiritual Coaching
  • Adventure Tours
  • Daily Creative Classes
  • Private Chartered Cruise to the retreat
  • Transfers from airport




Our tour guide, Rey Spearo, is a pro under the water and in the jungle. Enjoy tours on the beach on horseback. Waterfall escapes to campfire events. Swim, play, and visit with marine life up close and personal. Discover the wonders of the sea and become in sync with your true nature. Connect with one of our beautiful horses. Includes a Horsemanship 101 – get to know your steed. We’re here to help you relax and have fun.


Empress Al-Yasha, is an international entertainer and vocal coach. Access your inner strength through your voice. Boost your confidence and join us in a sing-along around the campfire. This is your moment to express your inner beauty.




Imagine listening to the waves wash up on the shore while having a massage. We offer a choice of massage, facial, body scrub, or reflexology treatment. Go home with new self-care skills and how to pamper yourself daily. Turn on your senses and learn how to heal yourself.

All are part of our classes and workshops.

  • Morning and Moonlight Meditation  
  • Holistic and Healing Sessions
  • Massage and Facial
  • The Dolphin’s Pod (our zen room)
  • Color and Sound Therapy
  • Therapy Room
  • and so much more… 
  • This is not a yoga retreat



Bungalows and Beach House

The authentic style of Mexico is washed with vibrant colors throughout the resort. A perfect canvas to rest, sleep, and be creative. Each deluxe king suite has a rustic charm. No two rooms are alike and are priced accordingly.

The beach house is built and raised above the ocean’s edge. The bungalows are set high into the mountain’s landscape overlooking the miles of ocean. Ten suites with separate bathrooms to choose from. Everyone has their own sacred space.



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Farm to Table

Encompassing a Holistic approach to wellness

A true paradise produces everything you need to live a healthy lifestyle. There is nothing more nourishing than food directly from the land and sea. Imagine fruit that falls off the tree into our kitchen.

Fresh fish and seafood caught from local waters and prepared with love. You have a choice of vegetarian cuisine, inflammatory meals, soup, and salads. Color and nutrients go hand-in-hand. Edible flowers, and herbal remedies, provide healing solutions to health challenges.

Meals, Juice Bar, and Snacks

Revitalize your immune system through the natural juice bar and sip on yummy virgin cocktails while daydreaming at sunset. We are here to bring the nectar from Mother Earth to you.

Freedom Retreats, Explore, Evolve and Heal




Happiness is our focus – Health and Wellness are our Priority – Your Dreams Matter to Us!

Our team of professionals came together through a united vision. We live a beautiful life, and we want to share it with you. We aspire to help you shine your light!

The founder and spiritual guide of “Freedom Retreats, Reveal Your Light,” Deborah Berry is on a special mission. She invites you to join her and the team in this unique experience. During your visit to our hidden paradise, discover the secrets to living in balance. Align with your goals and dreams. We offer a safe space and guidance during your journey. Our dedicated team has been selected to provide the highest quality of service to ensure your time with us is unforgettable.


Deborah’s  Story

Freedom Retreats, Explore, Evolve, and He



Energy Healing and Spiritual Guidance

Grief, Loss, Enlightenment

I have seen Deborah Transform people right in front of me. Check her out, it will be an eye-opening experience I guarantee it.   

Reiki & Reconnection Healer, Cancer survivor, and veteran Greg Stofle – 60


Meditation and Anxiety

Amazing Results in a short amount of time.

I have learned more from Deborah about myself than I have from 10 years of traditional counseling and therapy. 

Michelle Williams 50 – Las Vegas

Video Testimonial


Life Balance and Manifesting

Manifesting some amazing unexpected opportunities

Deborah gave me the GREATEST GIFT! The ability to trust myself.

Kris de león – 30 – Mexico


Hypnosis and Panic Attacks 

After a 5-minute Hypnosis Instruction (over the phone)

the panic attacks and anxiety disappeared. A year later they never returned!

Caroline 55  – Australia


Heal Your Heart 

Deborah has decoded the meaning of ‘Authentic Love.’ 

Deborah Berry has spent a lifetime decoding the authentic meaning of love. Trauma was the driving force behind her exploration of life and loss. The drowning death of her two-year-old son inspired a passion for truth, and the connection she made while retraining abused horses opened her eyes to her suffering, life, and healing. 

Over the past sixty years, she has peeled away each childhood trauma. Overcame brain injury, and closed the book on grief’s ugly grip on her heart. To reveal her inner beauty, she had to confront each fear. It was love and compassion that led her to a trail without tears. A journey without fear.

Deborah, will guide you through the archives of your suffering, and help you catch your breath and breathe…


Benefits of Doing A Retreat with Deborah


On this retreat, Deborah guides you step-by-step to… 

  • Unplug from the world, detox from technology, and take home a new way of looking at yourself and life.
  • Break old patterns and end unhealthy habits. Reset your mind and rebalance your physical clock. Live in the moment.
  • Cleanse your body with daily fresh vegetable juices, and support your body’s natural ability to heal itself.
  • Reset sleep patterns, Deborah helps you to teach your body how to relax and sleep. 
  • Acquire the tools to soothe your soul, and build emotional intelligence and mental stamina.
  • Learn how to manage stress, anxiety, and deeper challenges that trigger PTSD (post-traumatic stress).
  • Let go and Grow,  let go of what no longer serves you, and discover peace and joy.
  • Build Resilience, mental and emotional confidence, and inner balance practices you can continue after the retreat.
  • Raise your consciousness, open up your intuition and ability to trust yourself and your gut instincts.
  • Connect with like-minded people… this is a safe environment to practice your communication skills and heal.
  • Awaken your senses… come alive, thrive by turning on your inner light switch, body, mind, heart, and spirit. 
  • Expand your awareness, and understand the meaning of love and healthy relationships. Learn to love yourself. 



Women’s Retreat


8 Days 7 Nights All Inclusive

Jan 20th – Jan 27th 2024 

Exclusive VIP Retreat + Elite Coaching


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FROM $6675

+ Free Gift 

Meditation Series – Book before September 30, 2023


This retreat is drug, smoke, and alcohol-free – adults-only.

Flights Are Not Included

(Please message me about future retreats for men, couples, and mixed groups.)


Freedom Retreats, Reveal Your Light, Explore, Heal, Evolve