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Deborah Berry TV is an exclusive subscription channel. Your online retreat… A Multimedia entertainment coaching academy. We specialize in techniques to help people with a disability, head trauma, stroke or any challenge preventing you from living your best life.

Providing individuals, groups and organizations every opportunity to reach their greatest potential at the most challenging time in their life. Combining practical training, spiritual guidance and self-help programs. 

Featuring Souladex Webinars, The Visual Vortex, Zen Moment Meditations and Soul Sessions, a comprehensive process to help you transcend trauma, grow through grief and spiritually evolve. 


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Life is Your Playground


Life is a playground. Sometimes it is fun and other times the game of life gets rough. People, environment and circumstances influence and condition our way of thinking. It can especially distort how we view the world, other people, present events, ourselves and our future. This impacts our everyday experience of life and more than likely can change the coarse of our life-path. However, we have a choice to utilize daily events and adversity to our advantage.

At our goal is to help guide you through the process to Master Your Universe. Awareness and being fully conscious is key. Equally important is to define the strengths in your character to develop your sense of self, to propel you into meaning and purpose. Allow us to help you dig deep to the core of your brave-self to reveal your light!


Help us Inspire Humanity Forward!

You may not know it yet, but you are being called through your challenges, especially the tough ones like trauma, grief and unusually complicated hardship.

Let us help you empower yourself

and Pay It Forward.  





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Helping You Reach Your Most Sacred Goals Your Entertainment Coaching Academy Your Entertainment Coaching Academy exclusive benefits in subscribing to our channel go to the “How I benefit from my monthly subscription” and “Soul Sessions with Deborah.”