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Happiness Quotes and Inspiration

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances …
William Shakespeare

Happiness is Like A Butterfly Free Video

Happiness is much like love it is misunderstood. It is confused with many different kinds of experiences that don’t really relate to its true identity. Happiness is not so much about the highs that rush through your physical body and stimulate your brain. Happiness is more of a subtle embrace that takes you on a ride of joy and beauty. Not the kind of pleasure we gain from superficial things or synthetic chemicals or sex but more so from the ever lasting simplicities that wonders throughout your being… happiness is what makes you smile deep from within. And it lasts, it switches on when you reflect back to it and fills your imagination with magic. 

Happiness is Like a Butterfly, is one way I relate to my feelings and expand on my skills to “Connect My Mind to My Soul”. Let’s talk about what happiness means to you and how metaphors support your ability to fulfill your greatest desires.  I love Metaphors and playing with language. It is the writer in me but more so it supports my passion in exploring ways to express myself.  I love being creative… expression in all mediums has supported my healing in many aspects of my life, especially growing through grief and trauma. 
Metaphors help us to grow in thought and imagery to expand the imagination. It is no secret that the mind and visualization is a significant key in helping us get closer to our goals and dreams. Interestingly enough as simple as it may seem many people are challenged with this ability. Like most things in life not everyone is naturally inclined to see things in pictures in their mind. This was the reason I created the Visual Vortex, your virtual and spiritual GPS. To help you begin the natural process of visualization.

Over the coming weeks I will bring you more tools, meditation and exercises on how to “Master Your Universe” with color, images, sound, music and words. More videos to come similar to Happiness is like a butterfly free video. Remember to Watch it ! 🙂 Scroll up. Stay tuned… in the meantime take a few moments to explore.

Food For Thought

What is a metaphor? A metaphor is a figure of speech that, for rhetorical effect, directly refers to one thing by mentioning another. It may provide (or obscure) clarity or identify hidden similarities between two different ideas. Metaphors are often compared with other types of figurative language, such as antithesis, hyperbole, metonymy, and simile. One of the most commonly cited examples of a metaphor in English literature comes from the “All the world’s a stage”. A quote by William Shakespeare. 

Let’s go on a journey with the power of poetry…. after you have read it, close your eyes and image what happiness means to you. 

Happiness – The Poem

Happiness is like a butterfly; it evolves out of a cocoon…

Like magic she appears and flutters out into the sky,

The butterfly is luminous, expanding into the light, 

Of ultimate beauty…

You can’t catch and hold happiness

Nor keep it for forever, saving it for tomorrow

Likewise for the butterfly, if you hold her tight she will die…

In the brilliance of her magic, the butterfly exists and lives

But like the sun, a butterfly dies at the end of the day…

Happiness is just like the butterfly,

Rising to the ultimate expression of perfection

To be appreciated, now.

At the end of the day she closes her eyes

But, know that tomorrow a birth of a butterfly is born

The birth of a new day will exist

And happiness will come again, filling your heart with joy…

Happiness comes and happiness goes

But trust that it exists in the smallest of gifts

Delicate, precious and sometimes hard to find…

Happiness, like the butterfly is, a state of awareness,

Waiting to smile in your heart, 

Living in the birth of the dawn… 

Deborah Berry © 2001 

My Spiritual Walk in the Wilderness 

December 2015 – I was struggling after the spine surgery, not knowing if I would live to see another day. Years later, it was determined I had suffered a medical trauma and damage to major spinal nerves that affect significant functions to use my arms, hands and motor skills. I prayed and asked. “What do I do now? Concerned about my promise to write my book and what will come of my purpose.”

I feel asleep while in enquiry and woke in a dream surrounded by baron land. Walking in the wilderness… it felt like I was the only human being left on the planet. I had no water. Hanging onto life with nothing but the clothes on my back. A person appeared. I couldn’t tell you if it was a man or woman. We were traveling in different directions. In awe, we stopped surprised to see a living person. We gazed at one another for sometime. Then we smiled. I soaked up the kind and warm expression as if I was drinking in life saving water. In slow motion I blinked, and continued on our my way.

When I woke up, my reality had shifted. I asked myself… what does this mean? 

My Vision, Life Purpose and Journey

Looking for meaning

It was clear, the most important thing I can do, is doing all that I can and separate my physical body from my spiritual self. The moment I entered into the dream I left my body…which entailed;

Every breath was like squeezing juice out of a dried orange. Lynched by the neck, in and out of nightmares, witnessing chains wrapped around my throat. I saw myself violently ripped out of sleep. Gasping for air, somehow mustering enough breath to screech in pain. Repeated flashbacks woke me out of one sleeping horror into a waking hell.

I went back to the original enquiry that inspired this vision. “Should I live or should I die… have I fulfilled my purpose?”

Lying in bed questioning the future, it was necessary to find myself and connect to the highest realms of reality. Come to terms with the suffering and why I had been given so many creative abilities and disabling setbacks. I ached to understand.

It all came down to the love I felt in the connection…

I had started to believe I had lost my connection to who I was, my purpose and most of all the reason for my existence. The trauma and pain was so severe I had been blinded to the gift of my soul. Ironically, it was through who I was at my darkest moment that led me back to myself. 

The person I met in the desert, in my vision was me… my soul. My highest and most beautiful-self. She touched me with the purest love and to remind me… I am not alone. “You will never walk alone,” a significant statement that changed my life the moment Lee died and passed to the other side. A story I will share in my Podcast Deborah’s Aria, Tale of the 3 Towers. 


These principles became clear during that week and helped me to work through the most inhumane time of my life:

  1. Never underestimate the value of a smile filled with compassion and a deep understanding from one who feels pain and truth. If that was all we could share in that moment, then we had what we needed to push on.
  2. It didn’t matter how small of a gesture. Or how much I had achieved. I have done what I was meant to do. (I was enough and what I did was enough)
  3. Nothing is as it appears! Despite the struggles, setbacks and misfortune, I don’t know what is to come… walk forward, trust… Walk forward knowing all is taken care of.

In days to come, I remembered the crossroad in my life and the message vividly confirming;

The surprise of good fortune appears when you least expect it and usually appears when you need it the most. Even though you may travel many miles in life solo, the time will come, all will be revealed and fulfilled.

My Vision, Life Purpose and Journey

This is one of the stories and dreams I often referred to as; Transcending Trauma and how I Connect your Mind with Your Soul. Each experience brought me strength to continue. Over time each journey gifted me with many insightful moments flickering light in the darkness. 

March 12th 2022

light, love and peace…. Deborah


HigherVision Stories and insights from the other side.

Growing Wise

Brain Injury Awareness

I was again inspired to write a poem… moved to tears, just a few I feel gratitude move through me. Even though I am challenged I always find courage and continue the experience of intuitive writing fill me up with creativity.  

Last night I woke a few times gasping for air… the metal kept jabbing me in the throat stopping me to breathe. (metal from a fusion in my cervical spine) I was not sad but taken back. Life is long in those moments but in essence it is fleeting. – Brain injury awareness month 2022. 

Let me know your thoughts of Growing Wise, and more so how this poem may have moved you? Love and more Love D. xxxx

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Growing Wise

I can’t help but cry
To watch the old and wise
Coming together
Waiting their turn
Saying good-byes

I am not far behind
I am only steps away…
I am growing in numbers
Limited time to play

It was not all that long ago
Moments I suspect
When I looked forward
Miles and miles of road ahead

But it is not the end I mourn
That too has a new dawn
It is the journey I’ve tread…

It was full of surprises
Glorious and notorious
Hope of great things
to spread my wings

So many flights ended
On the ground
Lost and lonely I found
Nothing was what YOU expect

Disappointed at times
Broken, only to find
I am that I am
Flesh and bone

Emotions they moan
Beauty is thrown
Propels me to happiness
My heart is not stone

The light shines in the darkness
In the hollow veins of my pain
I rise where my mind meets my soul
To dance in the rain…

Today is eternal
No beginning or end
She knows no limits
To fight or pretend…

Time has no threat…
I am that I am
The light in the light
A golden thread

Joined to me
Connected to you
We are the dance
The roots of the tree
The leaves
The flowers
The sound
And the night

Infinite journeys
Beyond our sight.

Deborah Berry
March 6th 2022

Brain Injury Awareness Month Inspired poem