Apex of Light



The Apex of Light is an energy field spiraling within the human form, to help you grow through the chrysalis of transformation. It is a phenomenon that exists between the extremes of suffering and synergy. Where your body, mind, and heart meet at the summit of your soul. There is an apex we rise to that sparks genius. It is here where we discover the essential superhuman abilities for the ascension. This “Apex Of Light” aligns with the infinite power of unconditional love and wisdom – our innate knowing.


WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF REVEALING YOUR LIGHT? The purpose of awakening the light field within bring you out of the darkness into a divine balance. A physical and spiritual junction is when your mind connects to your inner self. These frequencies are powered through the heart’s rhythmic center. The benefit of this process is to clear negative energy. Raise your vibration and increase positive vibes. This allows you to tap into your higher self. Trust yourself and learn to listen to your intuition. We go beyond the power of the mind and one’s intention. The “Apex of Light” supports your journey to align the mind, heart, and soul into the highest frequencies of your master consciousness and connects to the infinite source of creation.




Apex of Light is not a religion, yoga, or practice revolving around a belief system. It is an experience of pure light and love energy.

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