An Inspired Journey of Hope

HigherVision was created in 1991, after my Son Lee died in 1986 following a tragic swimming pool accident. The HigherVision name came to me during my time in Santa Fe in New Mexico. Inspired by “The End of the Trail,” sculpture and story. (a weary Indian on a horse), which reminded me of the brokenness I felt after Lee died. No matter how it seemed, I knew it was not the end, but a new journey to discover the meaning to life and love.


Deborah’s Life Experience


“In the darkest dark I discovered the brightest light”

At 11, a poetry book changes my life. I discovered how to express myself through writing sonnets. Writing became a safe place to set myself free from inner conflict. And turn my pain into something beautiful. The name Higher-Vision and the story of Lee has been a lifelong source of inspiration. The Highervision poem and collection eventually expanded in 2008 into HigherVision Insight Connections and HigherVision Productions.  

I am inspired by nature to create. This is one of the ways how I have turned my suffering into coping skill to thrive. I look forward to connecting with you on your journey, as I reveal the light that has moved through me at my darkest. It is a privileged to have been able to experience some magic moments. I hope these works of beauty that have been given to me, also support you on your mission to grow, heal and expand in awareness. 

A HigherVision Story and Poem 



When he died, I died along with him,

When he died, he took my life with him,

Within my heart the sadness came,

My life I knew would never be the same,

His life was short, two years no more,

What was life, I could be sure,

For life within me changed its meaning,

My emotions had changed and so had my feelings,

My heart it cried to love again,

To see sunshine to shine again,

A glow of light to shine on me,

Oh, warmth of God please set me free…

I’ve walked along the sandy shores,

My footprints in the sand no more,

My past has washed back to the sea,

I’m walking back not finding me,

Only but a soft imprint, a memory of a distant place…

Now standing here, nowhere to go,

No prints to follow, how do I know?

Which way to travel, which path to take?

Hoping for some stepping stones,

To take me to another place…

I look up to the skies and see,

A new beginning, a new time for me,

The path along the sands I’ve traveled,

Though that’s passed I remember some,

The best of days and sunny ones,

And as I look into the skies,

I see the clouds and birds that fly,

A new formation, the clouds they change,

Our life, it never can stay the same…

As I look at a new formation,

I feel the warmth of a new sensation,

Visions of a new life to be,

Now a new life to set me free,

I’ve searched within my heart inside,

Looking for the dreams that hide,

And within my soul I’ve found the goals,

Towards the sun I see sunshine,

I know new life is finally mine,

For life is filled with so many dreams,

I’ve finally found what life can mean….

Deborah Berry ~ 1992


A HigherVision Story and Poem